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a Charter Club of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada


What We Do

SOGGI is a Charter Club of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC). We fly radio controlled model sailplanes in the Hamilton, Ontario region. We welcome visitors and new members.

Some SOGGI Facts ...

The Southern Ontario Glider Group ("SOGG") was formed in 1984, and later was Incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1993 (becoming "SOGGI").

SOGGI currently has about 35 adult members. Junior members are welcome.

Agreements are in place that allow our membership to fly at sod farms and on one slope site. There are very few restrictions on when we can fly, other than restrictions imposed by weather conditions.

We have no pre-scheduled flying sessions (other than Contests). But during good weather, fun-fly sessions typically occur several times per week.

By using SOGGI's Message Board , our members can organize fun-fly sessions on very short notice in response to the evolving Weather Forecast. Our Message Board may also used by members to advertise items for sale, to provide additional detail concerning upcoming special events, and to showcase their special projects.

We host Contests about 5 or 6 times per season. Our contests are open to any member of MAAC or the AMA.

Club social activities typically include our annual Christmas Party, technical tours, attendance at public lectures, swap-shop and hobby-show attendance. We also like to showcase our hobby and our club at various public outreach events. SOGGI's Photo Gallery illustrates some of this activity.

Back-issues of our newsletter called "TASK"  can be viewed on this website.


Visitors are welcome at our flying sites, but we ask that you first Contact one of our members to make the necessary arrangements.

Guests are also welcome at our Membership Meetings which are held at Rockton's Beverly Hall from October thru May.  Meetings consist of  project-show-and-tell, social time, and club business segments.


What SOGGI Asks of Its' Members

We've described a few of the benefits of becoming a member of SOGGI. But we'd also like to say a few words about what SOGGI asks of its members.

Good flying sites are difficult to find, and even harder to keep. We appreciate the support shown to us by the landowners, the sod farm staff, and our residential neighbours. At all times, we treat those folks with the same courtesy, cooperation and respect that we would like to receive ourselves.

SOGGI is a club, whose members have organized themselves for the purpose of flying R/C model sailplanes. If you join SOGGI, in addition to gaining the use of the club's facilities, you are also indicating your intention to participate in the social, and organizational aspects of the clubWe invite you to attend our Membership Meetings where you can make some new friends, and become an integral part of our club.

R/C Soaring is the central purpose of our club.  We anticipate that anyone joining SOGGI will participate in at least some aspect of R/C soaring. Not every type of aeromodelling activity is compatible with R/C Soaring and vice-versa, so there are some restrictions on the types of models that may be flown at our sites. See the Our Model Aircraft page for examples of what works well.

To-date, SOGGI has had an excellent field safety-record. We maintain an ongoing focus on flying safely. As a condition of membership, we require that our members have a working familiarity with our Club Flying Field Guidelines. On the flying field, every pilot is required to set a good example for others to follow.

We will gladly provide Flight Instruction to beginners wishing to learn to fly. In fact, if you intend to fly at SOGGI, we insist on it.

We are always pleased to receive new members who have already attained Pilot status at another other club. But please be aware that flying sailplanes on a sod farm or at a slope site, is a very different air-traffic-control experience than flying powered models from a marked runway with a marked pit-area.  For that reason, to receive flying priveleges at SOGGI's sites we require that every new member first perform a check-out flight with one of our instructors. A checkout flight will ensure that the new member has a practical grasp of SOGGI's field operations, safety provisions, and field etiquette.

Joining SOGGI

As is the case with other model aircraft clubs, to join SOGGI you will first need to be a member of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC).

A few words about MAAC ... In its more than 65 years of existence, MAAC has established a nation-wide club-based structure that encourages the continued growth of our hobby-sport.  With a membership base of about ten thousand aeromodellers, MAAC can negotiate for us with one strong voice. On the chance that your model could damage property or injure someone, you will sleep better knowing that your MAAC membership provides liability insurance coverage. MAAC membership also features a subscription to Model Aviation Canada, a great monthly magazine that reports on all aspects of aeromodeling from coast to coast.

MAAC's membership application form offers secure on-line payment and you can access it from MAAC's website

SOGGI's Club Membership applications are a separate process, Please contact our Secretary. SOGGI's annual adult membership fee is based on when you pay it, and the costs are shown in the drop down box below. You will need to provide physical proof of current MAAC membership and sign an affidavit indicating acceptance of SOGGIs conditions for club membership. The simplest way to accomplish this is to attend one of our winter Membership Meetings.  You may also access the SOGGI Membership form online.  Please complete it (printing and completing it in pen), then print, sign, date, and either email a scanned copy, or mail a paper copy to our Treasurer (see Contacts list).  You mail also complete the form digitally, but must first download the pdf file, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader (NOT in a Browser window), then fill in the blanks, save the document, and attach it to an email to mail it to the Treasurer.  Filling the form out when it is shown in a Chrome or Google Browser window does not work properly.

Membership Fee
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Any of the people identified on our Contact page will be pleased to answer questions concerning MAAC and/or SOGGI membership.

Thank you for considering membership with the Southern Ontario Glider Group. To download SOGGI's two page colour brochure,  > Click here (pdf 5MB)


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